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Booklets provide an excellent way to communicate key messages about your services, products and company. Therefore, they are very powerful sales tools. Our booklets range from 4 to 52 pages, printed on a selection of stocks and assembled in-house. A great booklet will include information supplementary to what you’ve given your customer, so it can go into much more detail than you would usually be able to do through talking to them.

A custom booklet is most of all a great way to advertise your business and easily get a lot of information across to your customers. First of all, there’s only so much someone wants to hear you talk before they start tuning out. That’s what makes a custom booklet such a great little takeaway to send your customers off with – because they’ll have all the info they need, packaged together in a creative little booklet that they can peruse at their own pace. Furthermore, booklets have come a long way from being simple informational tools to being beautifully designed marketing devices. So you can really pack a lot info into the pages of your custom booklet and get the image of your business across through the design you choose.

Also, if you need a little help with a great design that works for you, contact us for some creative ideas. With a number of businesses all offering the same or similar products or services, you can differentiate yourself from the crowd and stand out from everyone else. Most noteworthy, show them what makes you that much better.

Custom booklets and manuals by Captivating Images
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